Student Shares Cookies Made With Her Grandmother’s Ashes

DAVIS A family in Davis is shocked and upset after their son came home and told them about a bizarre incident at a Davis high school.

He told them another student brought cookies to school baked with her grandmother’s ashes and was passing them around.


Everyone is jumping to the conclusions way too quick. Yes it makes sense that people would be outraged with cookies made of ashes, its just human nature. But no one has said if they tasted good or not. Maybe this girl has just introduced the world to the next fad. As they say, don’t knock it till you try it.

But no matter what, if the cookies tasted bad or not, this lady needs to be locked up. She’s  a fucking psycho. How did she even think of making cookies with ashes in the first place? You know what, we could enact my grand idea with this lady as patient zero. My amazing idea is that be should take all of the crazy people in the world (no murders, just the people that are walking on the line of crazy, ANTIFA is the prime example) onto an island and made sure there’s no way the can escape.

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