1776 Shades of USA State of The Union

As you clearly have noticed I have not been updating my website religiously for sometime. Now you might of thought, ‘Oh shit Tommy Cold Cuts has given up’ or ‘Tommy’s bookie capped his ass’. Those are both incorrect. I would never give up EVER. Now I have a legitimate reason why I have not been religiously updating this website. First off, I had to get organized. I just had way too many directions I wanted to take this website and I had to narrow that down. I sat down for a whole entire day and was writing ideas down and crossing them out. I’m a perfectionist, I have to get it right on the money. I sat there thinking, what is the internet missing? So my first step was to go back to square one, why did I start this blog in the first place? This answer is very complex, honestly I could write a fucking book about why I started this blog. But I would have to dive deep into my personal life and you don’t give a fuck about that. In the simplest form, I’m naturally politically incorrect and I love pissing off Liberal snowflake. Nothing gives me more joy when I trigger a snowflake, it almost brings a tear for happiness to my eye.

As you can see the website has been updated, so it doesn’t look like a piece of shit and I bought my url so I can become legit website. As I said before, I had to get organized, I had to have a clear message. The reader has to know exactly what they are going to get every single time they read the website. My main focus will be smut politics, smut news, and broads. When I said smut I’m talking about the underbelly, the stories Fox, CNN, and The Daily Wire won’t cover. If you want a break down of breaking news in politics, sports, etc. you have to go to Fox, ESPN, or any other legit news source you use. But if there is something funny or crazy in the story I will cover that aspect.

Remember we are on the pursuit to end the pussification of America one blog at a time.




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