Utah Politician That Campaigned On ‘Traditional Marriage’ Resigns Because He Banged A Prostitute

Independent – A married Republican politician who voted for stricter laws against prostitution has resigned amid allegations he twice met an escort for sex.

Jon E Stanard, a father of three, campaigned for “conservative family values” and “traditional marriage” but is now reported to have paid a woman known professionally as Brie Taylor for sex during two business trips to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2017.

Hey, would you look at that? Another politician lying through their fucking teeth. Color me shocked. George Bush (not Dubya) said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” And what did he do? Created new taxes. Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with that woman. But we all know that intern stepped up to the plate because Crooked Hillary couldn’t get the job done. And now we have Jon Stanard fucking the shit out of a prostitute in a hotel room right before he has a speech on traditional marriage and conservative family values. Ahh fucking a prostitute just screams conservative family values.

By the way, you can’t be making a whole lot of money being a prostitute in Salt Lake City. In Mormon Country, if you want another woman you just marry her and get a television deal with TLC.

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