Hillary Clinton Got A Standing Ovation For… Walking

Daily CallerFailed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation from patrons at a restaurant in New York City Monday simply for walking in.

Clinton walked into Upland, a restaurant in NYC, and according to PageSix, “the restaurant crowd quickly noticed and stood up in a standing ovation.”

On one hand you could say that Crooked Hillary received a standing ovation for something we all do every single day… and that is the angle the Daily Caller article went with. Are they wrong with taking that angle? No, not at all. It is a fact (except for the morbidly obese and the old fucks that are seconds away from a dirt nap) that we all walk to our tables went we go to a restaurant and we’ve never had a standing ovation for that… at least I haven’t.

What Justin Caruso has seemed to forget is that we are dealing with Hillary fucking Clinton. Walking to a table is one small step for the average man, one giant leap for Hillary Clinton.

Since the last video was Hillary throwing up in a glass I thought this would be a good segway

Just think, Bill has to wake up to that everyday… yeah I would cheat on my wife too.

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