I Think I Just Saw Someone Die

Yeah, we just witnessed a man die right in front of our eyes. Typically death is something sad, people cry, and people bond together and share memories about the person that is getting devoured by worms. But this one is a completely different scenario. I honestly don’t feel a bit sorry for this man, you drop your gloves and hang your head out like that, you deserve to pay the price.

Now let’s say that kick didn’t kill him, he instantaneously got CTE. Boom, a kick straight to the face, automatic CTE. And to make matters worse he went head first into the mat. As a four year JV wrestler in high school, I know for a fact those mats are hard as fuck. Trust me I have been slammed on those mats so many times I have lost track. (I was a 4 year JV wrestler for a reason… I FUCKING SUCKED DICK (not literally.. I did not suck dick on the mat, but I was my opponent’s bitch until I got pinned… it wasn’t too bad, my matches only lasted 15 seconds)).

Hey dead guy, if you are reading this (which you probably aren’t because you are either 6 feet under or your brain is mashed potatoes) it is time to hang up the gloves if your arms still work because you are a disgrace to your family.

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