Auburn Mascot Dresses Up Like Troy Trojan… Blows 20 Point Lead

SEC Country Auburn -As it turns out, the move may have been bad karma for AU. LSU came storming back to take a 27-23 win over Auburn and extend their home winning streak over the Tigers. Auburn still hasn’t beaten LSU in Baton Rouge since 1999.

LSU has rebounded nicely since losing to Troy, squeaking out wins vs Florida and Auburn. The Tigers will be favored to win a third game in a row at Ole Miss this weekend before traveling to Tuscaloosa on Nov. 4.

Clearly Auburn has never opened up the history books. Ever since the beginning of time a cocky little bitch has lost. Adam and Eve were the first cocky little bitches and they thought they could beat the big man up stair. Oh hell nah God humbled their ass. Really, we can learn many lessons from those fuckers. For example, nature is the enemy. It was natures fault Adam and Eve fucked up. That is why we need to destroy nature, at every opprotunity we get. Remember every time you cut down a tree, it is for God. Another example we can learn from Adam and that whore Eve is to never eat fruit and vegetables. God clearly said, only eat meat and you will live a great life. Well guess what? That Liberal, vegan, SJW Satan told Adam and Eve to go vegan and God punished their political correct asses.

The next example is from the Bible as well. Just to let you know I have never really read the Bible, I prefer to get my information from God’s second son, Tim Tebow. I’m sorry I have blogs to write and vegans to fight. The next story is David vs. Goliath. The classic story that everyone knows but really hasn’t read. I remember in 6th grade when I switched to Catholic school (by the way my Priest did not ask me get ice cream) the religion teacher asked me what my favorite Bible passage was. As a good Catholic, I had no clue what was really in the Bible, so I said David vs. Goliath. From what I heard Goliath was one cocky motherfucker. As well I heard Vegas set the odds at 69420-1. Let’s just say David got some lovely intercourse from the missus that night.

Now let’s jump to the Colonial era of the United States of America. The British thought they could tax us without representation. Let me ask you a question, what happened to that tea? Oh that’s right is was thrown into the Boston Harbor. The British thought the Americans were jokes. They thought we didn’t stand a chance against the powerful British military. Hold on, who has to take care of England’s dirty work? Oh that’s right America has to because England is still licking their wounds.

This reminds me when everyone’s favorite uncle, Brent Musburger, said sitting on Fort McHenry in 1812, “Gotta love an underdog when he howls”. Those immortal words said by Brent Musburger has lived on forever, America is still howling today.

Now we can add Auburn to the list with Adam and Eve, Goliath, and the British. Wow, that is a God awful list to be on. By the way if Gus Malzahn is reading this… your sweater vest is atrocious. And that is not just myself saying that, that is all of the world. Even kids in North Korea laugh at you, and call you a nerd. Gus, that is sad. The kids in North Korea literally nothing. Also by the way Auburn peaked during the Kick Six game.

P.S.- I honor of Coach O winning

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