Butch Jones KNOWS Football

I remember the exact day when Butch Jones was leaving the University of Cincinnati. Honestly, it was a sad day. Not because I would miss his coaching (which would come into play later when Tommy Tuberville was a complete dumpster fire), it was because he was an awesome guy. I know you are wondering, how the fuck does this blogger know that Jones was a nice guy? One summer day my Dad and I toured around the University of Cincinnati and he showed me where the parties were, where his posse (hey LeBron, they are white so it is not offensive) would get late night pizza, he also showed me where his classes were. At the end of the tour we went to DuBois bookstore so I could get a shirt. As I look up from the ‘Official University of Cincinnati Beer Pong Team t shirts’ I see Butch Jones walk in. I shit my pants (not literally, that would be embarrassing). I look over at my dad and said the only words that would come out, “football”. My dad started to say, “What the fuck? you retar…” At that moment he realized his not so smart child did something some what smart. (Let’s not overdue it.. but for once I did not say something utterly stupid.) My dad went into full business man mode and started to bullshit with Butch. Now if it was Mia Khalifa my dad would have been punched, no my dad is not Harvey Weinstein (sidenote: Mia would definitely bang the man that has a face that resembles a skin tag with hair… I am referring to Weinstein, my dad does not look like a skin tag with hair). Mia punches anyone that wants to talk to her or wants a picture with her.. if you are confused just read my blog on her. As I entered out of shock, I hear one line from my dad, “Wow with you being the head coach I would of thought you would have someone doing the shopping for you.” Butch without missing a beat said, “I may be the head coach of the Bearcats, but the wife is the head coach of me.” And the conversation continued with dad joke after dad joke trying to make each other fake laugh the hardest. White dads, they are a unique bunch.

See, right there, the human aspect of Butch Jones was the part I missed the most. There was a connection and there was an element of common man with Butch. I was a freshman in high school when Butch Jones took the job at Tennessee, so I have forgotten the vast amounts of football IQ he presented at Cincinnati.

Hold up, you are telling me you have to score touchdowns to win game? Who knew. I never knew that and I’ve been watching football since day one. There is everyone else, then there is Butch Jones. Butch Jones is just years and years ahead of other coaches. Hey Jon Gruden, maybe the reason you are in the broadcasting booth and Butch Jones is on the field coaching is because you were running too much ‘spider 2 y banana’ while Butch Jones was out there trying to score touchdowns.

Damn straight. That was some Tennessee Butch Jones football. Nothing screams Tennessee football like the game going all the way down to the last play. Butch Jones has no time for a workout, he is trying to find ways to score touchdowns and to motivate the players for life. He needs to get his heart rate up during the game. Butch knows riding the hot seat is the best form of cardio. Running? Butch does not have time for that. Anyways running could mess up that beautiful poor man’s Johnny Unitas flat top.

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