Mike Ditka Pissed Off The Left

Chicago Sun Times – Then there’s former Bears coach Mike Ditka, in the news again, rejecting the idea that black players who take a knee during the national anthem have anything to protest.

“I don’t see all the social injustice that some of these people see,” Ditka said Monday. “There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of.”

As I said in my previous blog my goal was to find a story about Mike Ditka’s comments on the nation anthem protests in the NFL. I was sidetracked from a Deadspin article about negative stories about Mike Ditka. After I read that article and blogged about my reaction of the stories I found a piece on Mike Ditka’s comments on the protests.

Personally I disagree with kneeling for the anthem, but I understand that under the first amendment we are allowed to express our feeling on a matter. The players have a right to kneel and I have the right to disagree with them. That is what makes America such a great country. The reason people come to America from other countries is because America we have freedom and other countries are oppressive against opposing views. In America I can disagree with a political or social statement and there will be no repercussions and I don’t have to fear for my life.

Ditka’s statement of there has been no oppression in the last 100 years is wrong, that is a fact. But when you ask an older man from Ditka’s generation why would you expect a viewpoint that would support protesting the anthem. Ditka has already been on record saying he disagrees with the protest completely. Personally, I feel like the person interviewing was baiting Ditka. We all know Ditka says whatever is on his mind and he doesn’t care what people think.


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