The Worst Cincinnati Chili Company (Gold Star) Acquires Tom + Chee

Cincinnati Enquirer –Tom + Chee, the Cincinnati-based grilled cheese restaurant chain, has been acquired by Gold Star Chili. The local chili company bought the assets of Tom + Chee from their lender, finalizing the deal on Sept. 20. 

The deal brings together two Cincinnati brands and is the first acquisition in Gold Star’s growth strategy. Roger David, CEO of Gold Star, said he sees a lot of growth in the grilled cheese fast-casual chain.

“I’ve been impressed at how much energy there is around the brand, from franchisees, customers, and from employees, too,” he said. “That makes this exciting.” 

The acquisition is part of Gold Star’s  strategy growing forward, to both expand their Gold Star brand with new stores and expanded menu, and to add new brands. “We want to be a hundred million dollar multi-brand company,” David said. “This is a great fit for us.

I have three words to describe what I’m feeling right now: Fuck. Gold. Star. No matter what Gold Star does I will always hate them and their garbage chili. Gold Star could cure cancer and I would still hate them. Everyone in Cincinnati has their go to Cincinnati Chili place. Mine, like every person with a brain, is Skyline. My hatred for Gold Star runs deep.

I was born a Skyline person and I had no way of changing that. My Grandpa ate Skyline 3 times a day for a whole week and only stopped because my Grandma was coming back from vacation. Now you know why I eat Skyline once a week.

My Grandpa, as the Skyline superfan he was, would eat Gold Star once a year to make sure they were terrible as usual. He would take one bite out of the three way and dry heave. Then he would take a bite of the cheese coney and come to the conclusion that again Gold Star was pure trash.

Whatever Gold Star touches it turns into a complete failure.

The easiest way I can explain how terrible Gold Star is to the people unfamiliar from Cincinnati chili. Gold Star is that annoying vegan that judges you because you make great choices (eating meat). Gold Star would be the SJWs in the political spectrum. Gold Star would believe that there are 62 genders. Gold Star would support Hitler. Gold Star would support Communism. Gold Star would burn American flags.

The bottom line is Gold Star is satan.

Rest In Peace Tom + Chee, you had a good run.

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