It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Subreddit For The Win

Yesterday on reddit there was a trending post where someone combined the faces of the top 500 golfers.

Golf face

Yeah, as a casual fan of golf I found this to be interesting. Typically I will follow the smut side of golf for example, Paulina Gretzky, 16th hole at the Phoenix Open, or Kiz handing out drinks to fans on the first tee at the Presidents Cup. I know enough golfers (all of the United States golfers because fuck every other country in golf) that golf is dominated by white people.

As we all know (because every single person except in North Korea, where fun is illegal, has watched Always Sunny) every current event can be traced back to an Always Sunny episode. For example remember that shitty date you had? At least you weren’t eating cheese before a date, saying you were a full on rapist, and sweating completely through your shirt and asking your friend to switch shirts. Have you ever felt like you were unwanted? Remember Charlie survived an abortion. Did you ever wake up and realize you made a mistake? At least you didn’t wake up with two gay guys in your room. Or have you ever woken up and felt ugly? Just remember, at least you aren’t a bird.

Here is where my favorite subreddit, besides black people twitter, sportsbook, and not the onion, comes into play. The Always Sunny subreddit will typically take something that is trending on reddit and relate it to Always Sunny. Let’s just say the subreddit did not disappoint.



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