MNF Was The Definition Of Bad Beats

The Gambling Gods are back at it again. Now for myself I went 2-1 last night. I had Kansas City -6.5, Kansas City money line, and the under (47.5). I felt great going into the game (always a bad sign). I thought out my picks, studied stats from each team and compared them, and looked at the injury report. As I studied the picks I had selected Kansas City in the spread and money line, and picked the over. But we all know logic goes out the window as we place the bets. As I placed the bets I convinced myself Cousins will shit the bed, Travis Kelce will have at least one unsportsmanlike conduct called against him (I was going easy on him last night).

Also I was counting on Andy Reid to completely mismanagement the clock, to secure the under. 

But no I was wrong. Cousins did not shit the bed,Kelce did not throw his towel at the ref, and Andy Reid learned when someone should call a timeout and we all could tell he was uncomfortable and lost. He didn’t even know what to do with his hands. 

Somehow someway I was 2-1 even though all of my gut feelings were wrong. No matter the outcome of the game I would have gone 2-1. With that touchdown the Chiefs covered and the point total to 49. 

I would like to send a pray for the people that bet the under and Washington +6.5. That was possibly the worst bad beat I’ve ever seen. That touchdown didn’t even seem right. 

The Gambling Gods work in special ways. 

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