God Blessed Us With The Rednecks

They may not be the smartest people on earth but God damn they make this world a better place. There was a hurricane coming through Florida and everyone evacuated except the rednecks. When the Rednecks hear about the hurricane they stocked up on Budweiser (piss water is for liberals), cans of dip, and beef jerky. Rednecks are the poor man’s Superman. They may not fly but those fuckers will never die. Rednecks were saying ‘hold my beer’ before it became mainstream. Rednecks may not say it but they live by the motto ‘I ain’t here for a long, I’m here for a good time’. I will never need to write a blog about a redneck being politically correct. They are on my team to cure America of its pussification. God Bless the Rednecks and God Bless America.

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