Step Aside Elton Fuckboi Kim Is The New Rocket Man


Once again Big Dick Donnie broke the internet. That man just created the best nickname for Kim Jong-Un. What does Supreme Leader love more than Katy Perry, take the people’s money (communism it is so great just look at the photos of people laughing and smiling in North Korea… oh wait those pictures don’t exist), or fucking as many North Korean dimes as he can (North Korea is on the Iowa 10 point scale. A dime in North Korea is a solid 5.4 on the United States 10 point scale.)? Rockets! The man may have a terrible taste on haircuts but damn he knows a good rocket when he sees one (again for North Korea standards… c’mon guys give them a break they are communists… they don’t have much).

Not only is Rocket Man a badass name for someone that will be burned off the face of this earth by the good ol’ U.S of A, but it is the name of a hit song. Every single person (expect for North Korean citizens) has heard ‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John. Honestly, the nickname ‘Rocket Man’ probably went over the North Korean’s heads.


P.S.- The reason for calling Kim Jong-un Fuckboi… Kim Jong-un is reportedly recruiting young, female companions to form a “pleasure troupe” to entertain him.

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