Sergio Dipp: The Master Of Cringe

Ahh just another reason why we need to bring back the attractive broad back to sideline reporting. If Erin Andrews fucked up a sideline report the world will never know. Honestly, when there is an attractive broad on the screen we are not listening to her at all, if you offended by the first off you are on the wrong website. I’m here to fight political correctness to cure the pussification of America. If Donald Trump really wants to Make America Great Again he needs to make an Executive Order to remove any man or unattractive woman from the side line. Doris Burke would be the first one to go, I’m sorry God but you fucked up on that one, and Holly Rowe (sorry about the cancer) should follow Doris right out the door. If there was one man to do it, it would come from The Donald. Look at his wife right now, that Eastern European dime, Melania Trump. Trump knows an attractive woman when he sees them. Think about it, he owned the Miss USA pageant, so he knows some sideline reporter prospects. When I turn on a football game I expect a man with the voice of God saying play by play, a former player to give me insight, and an attractive broad to stare at for a couple seconds. But no ESPN has to royally fuck up like the dumpster fire they are, and employ a fucking man to do sideline reporting. Honestly, I can pin point the exact time when ESPN started to go down the shitter, when they fired Bocephus from the MNF opening theme song.



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