Let’s Just Say Ryen Russillo Knows How To Party

Sporting News– The Jackson Hole News reports a “highly intoxicated” and naked Ryen Russillo of ESPN wandered into the wrong Wyoming condo early Wednesday morning, refused to leave and was too incoherent to answer questions.

Honestly this is the power move of the century. Just think about it, walking into a random person’s condo, taking your clothes off, and refusing to leave.

I have to say if I was employed at ESPN I would do the same exact thing. ESPN is the definition of a dumpster fire full of Liberal garbage. If I had to see my company fire the great Iron Mike Ditka I would drink myself into a blackout so powerful I would walk into a stranger’s condo, get naked, and refuse to leave. But no Ryen stuck it out until the breaking point of ESPN firing Danny Kanell.

If ESPN wants to redeem themselves from the dumpster fire with liberal garbage they need to create a show where Ryen Russillo and Mike Ditka get shitfaced on tv and have them say whatever they want. Come on ESPN stop being soft as Taco Bell shit. Fuck even NBC lets Hoda and that broad Kathie Lee get drunk on wine on national tv.

P.S- My favorite people at ESPN

1. SVP

2. Ryen Russillo

3. Robert Lee

4. Molly Qerim

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