Nothing Says Fun Like Getting Naked And Throwing Shit – A New Port Richey man was arrested for showing up to a Clearwater home naked and eventually throwing feces on a toolbox.

According to investigators, Williams threw feces on the victim’s toolbox and tools. When a deputy showed up, Williams tried to hide behind a tree.

When you read this story what state comes to mind?

Here I’ll do it Jeopardy style…

White Trash Trivia for 500

This State is home to Old People, Jews, White Trash, Dan Le Batard and his bitch boy Stugotz.

What is Florida?


Now I’m not going to shit on Florida (pun clearly intended) in this blog post and if I did who cares they don’t know how to read, just ask Jameis Winston.

But honestly this has to be normal for Florida. One day you are behind an old lady that will croak any second, the next day you watch someone on bath salts eat a face, then to top it off someone is knocking at your door naked high on molly and drunk out of his mind. (By the way ‘drunk out of his mind’ was a direct quote from the shit thrower.) Honestly, if you haven’t witnessed those three events in Florida, have you REALLY been to Florida?

Can we all say a prayer to the man who’s shed and tools were completely ruined? Even if the shed isn’t completely ruined, there is no way he is going back into that shed. You just can’t walk into your shed and not be reminded of that horrific night. And I bet if the weather is just right the shit particles activate and you get a little whiff.

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