Spanish Bullfighter Died After Tripping On Cape  

Telegraph– The bullfighter Iván Fandiño has died after being gored in a ring in France, becoming the second Spanish matador to be killed in less than 12 months after the death of Víctor Barrio last July.Entertaining a crowd Aire-sur-l’Adour, southwestern France, on Saturday, Fandiño tripped on his cape and fell to the floor, allowing the bull he was fighting to gore him savagely in his right flank.

The Basque bullfighter from Orduña near Bilbao was rushed out of the arena by his fellow bullfighters and underwent an emergency procedure in the bullring’s surgery before being put in ambulance bound for a nearby hospital.

But he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Is this sad to hear? Yeah death is sad. Do I care? Not at all. Is the way he died hilarious? Fuck yeah. Just think, your job is to stand in a ring and wave a red cape at a bull as it runs by you. The odds of being killed by bull is pretty high and I would say there is some type of honor of being killed by a bull in Spain’s culture, except for this man. There is no honor for a man that trips on a cape and gets destroyed. I hope the crowd booed or laughed while he bleed out like Philly booing Santa.

P.S: I love bullfight only because PETA hates it

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