Retarded Robin Hood

EVERETT, Wash. — Police in Everett say would-be ATM thieves thwarted their own burglary attempt by setting the cash on fire.Police and firefighters were called Tuesday morning to Coastal Community Bank on 19th Ave SE for the report of a fire. When they arrived, crews found the drive-up ATM had been set on fire. Aaron Snell with the Everett Police Department said the suspects used a blowtorch to try and access the ATM’s cash box. In the process of doing so, they accidentally set the money on fire.
Sounds like some people just don’t have common sense AT ALL. Everyone knows fire burns paper. But am I surprised with the lack of common sense? Not at all. Did anyone notice where the bank was located? Washington state. Third most Liberal state in the United States in my opinion with Oregon in the lead and California in second. We all know Liberals are on the special side. (I am sorry for offending the special needs because I put Liberals in a category with you.. it is to make a point.. Liberals just aren’t smart people). Without a doubt these people are in ANTIFA and voted for Bernie or Jill Stein.

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