British Air Force Writes ISIS A Little Note



As you all may know by now a goatfucker blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring 120 people. The youngest person killed was an 8 year old with a bright future ahead of her.

When I saw the report of this attack show up across my phone, I had an instant rush of anger. Even though I bust Britain’s balls on the daily, at the end of the day England is our allies. Last I checked when someone hurts your little brother on the playground you beat the shit out of them.

I love this move by the Royal Air Force. If you try to mess with us we will blow you out of the water (out of the sandbox for ISIS).

Just picture this with me. All of the ISIS goatfuckers passing around the goat of the day. As Mohammed passes the goat to (insert terrorist name here) he looks up and sees a gray bomb falling from the sky and says, ‘fuck here comes freedom’ in the stone age goatfucker language they speak. Right before the bomb digs a hole in the sandbox they all see the note reading, ‘LOVE FROM MANCHESTER’ reminding them once again freedom will always win.

When will terrorist groups realize that they cannot compete against America and our allies? Have they not listened to Toby Keith? We will put a boot in your ass, its the American way! And they must remember we will light up your world like it is the Fourth of July. Wait, hold on, the Middle East doesn’t have electricity, tv, computers, or music. I’m sorry I forgot they are still in the stone age, just like their religion.


P.S- Nothing better than destroying evil with a note attached

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