Hey Utah Grow A Pair

Full Story Here– Starting May 9, Utah establishments will have to display signs that indicate they are either a “Bar not a restaurant” or “Restaurant not a Bar”.

To start off this blog post I want to tell you a story. This takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah during the early 90’s. My badass American Grandpa was in Salt Lake for business. Like always, after a day full of meetings and making America great you need a beer or ten. As I said, my Grandpa was a badass American and he drank his beer faster than the bartender could get him a second bottle. So my Grandpa would order two beers at a time. But there was a problem in Salt Lake, IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW TO ORDER MULTIPLE BEERS AT ONE TIME FOR ONE PERSON. Typically it is the Liberals that kill the fun in the world.

Now to absolutely destroy the fun in Utah people cannot eat and drink in the same establishment.

Do I care about Utah’s stupidity? YES, I started this blog to fight the pussification of America. Not allowing a man or woman (no I do not buy into the Liberal 63 gender bullshit) to eat a 100% beef burger with their beer or whiskey is un-American as it gets to the point it is border line Communist. I know for a fact the Founding Fathers are pissed off. George Washington did not cross the Delaware so Utah can create bullshit alcohol laws. He crossed the Delaware and slayed the British so we can eat steak and eggs then wash it down with an ice cold beer.

P.S- Hey Utah it is 2017 not 1920

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