99 Year Old Hits Hole In One

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KTVU) – Tell someone you graduated and you can show them your diploma. Brag about winning the lottery and you can flash your bank account. Express elation for hitting your first hole in one and listeners may think you’re lying.It doesn’t happen often. But for 99-year-old lifelong golfer C.D Madsen, it did.

The Marin Country Club member of 57 years golfs and works out at the club once a week. He frequently visits head golf professional Ken Doherty’s office and gawks at the hole in one photo hanging on the wall.

No he did not die the next day.  

This seems like big swinging dick (no pun intended) C.D Madsen made a deal with the devil. 99 years old? There is no way he’d hit a hole in one without someone kicking the ball in. Hold on what was the distance to the pin? Jesus Christ Marin Country Club, these are facts we need to know. 

I’m not calling FAKE NEWS, but there is some shady shit going on here. I’ve seen Caddyshack and Mr. Havercamp could not hit a hole in one if his life depended on it. 

Good Ol Mr. Havercamp

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