Travel Agent Sent ‘Hijack Threat’ To Airports To Avoid Trip With Girlfriend

The Hindu –

The Hyderabad Police on Thursday arrested a travel agent who sent an e-mail five days ago to the Mumbai police about possible hijack attempts at the Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports.

Though it was mentioned the e-mail sender was a woman, the person turned out to be M. Vamshi Krishna, a man. “He promised his girlfriend living in Chennai that he would take her on a jolly trip to Mumbai by flight but had no money to book the ticket,” Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahender Reddy told The Hindu.

While chatting online, he tried to convince her to cancel the trip but she didn’t pay heed to his request. “Unable to explain to girlfriend that he had no money for the trip, Vamshi decided to create a situation so that flights are cancelled,” Mr. Reddy said.

Most people are thinking wow going through that length to cancel a trip is pretty extreme. We have to remember this a foreign country, this could be tradition. Maybe you promise your girlfriend everything then fail to execute, you know to keep her humble. No one likes an ungrateful bitch.

The area I am most concerned with is the length it took the police to see this e-mail. 5 days really? Well it is India, I assume from the names. I know for a fact M. Mahender Reddy is an India name. Every single Indian tries to change their name so it sounds English and fails miserably. For example I went to school with an Indian in 5th grade (not to brag) and his name was suppose to be Steven Patel but the family fucked up, they forgot the ‘t’. His so called ‘American’ name was Seven Patel but it was pronounced Steven. Hell, in 5th grade my brain was in a pretzel because we had one kid that wasn’t white (#diversity), let alone learning a fucked up name. Ironically he was great at math, well that is actually expected. When I would cheat off of his math tests I would just call him Pat or Patty. Patty or Seven or whatever you want to fucking call him, he was complete shit with English but could rap Eminem like a motherfucker.

Also I just learned that India has airports. It would make sense that they would have airports, but who would want to fly to India (except for Amazing Race)? I can confidently say the Indian airport is a simple dirt street in the middle of a city. Has to be complete mayhem, cows on the runway, every time a plane lands the shacks blow away, and you can’t forget about the curry smell. Christ, you can smell an Indian family miles before you see them.

Spin Zone on the girl friend. Maybe I have it all wrong and she was a complete bitch to the point the travel agent wanted to go to India jail. Our jails are better than the nicest house in India, just ask former New England Patriots Tight End Aaro… oh wait he hung up on me.

P.S.- If you smell curry look for the house with the Toyota or Honda with no yardwork what so ever.

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