Bet The Over On Ole Miss This Year

Ole Miss OC Phil Longo thinks he found the perfect Air Raid QB, Shea Patterson. Here is an excerpt from SEC Country’s article on the Ole Miss Air Raid offense.

SEC Country – With so many fun toys in this Air Raid guru’s new offensive toolbox, it’s easy to imagine Ole Miss continuing to boast a potent passing attack this fall. Longo’s mentor Leach clearly believes his protégé will enjoy success in the SEC.

SECC: Why does Patterson fit your system so well?

PL: “It’s a skill player-driven system. We create space both horizontally and vertically. Shea is a great space football player. He’s mobile. He can make any throw on the field. He can run the ball and he can extend plays in the pass game with his legs. To put an athletic guy that can think and throw in this system, it’s a perfect fit.”

I remember watching the Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M game. Shea fucking lit it up. When you have Myles Garrett on the d-line and you don’t shit yourself you have balls. My only problem is Evan Engram is headed to the draft. When you have a star tight end leaving any team you will see the impact. But like any great coach you have to work around your challenges.

Phil Longo has history with the Air Raid offense. When you coach under Mike Leach you have to be on your ‘A’ game at all time. You never know when Pirate Mike will send you to the equipment room. It is safe to say that Longo knows when he sees the perfect fit. Or he is a lying sack of shit and will cause me to lose serious amounts of cash.


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