Man Kills Three People With Chopsticks And I’m Not Even Mad

New York PostAn unhinged man escaped free from his restraints at a psychiatric hospital in China and killed three women with a single chopstick, according to reports Tuesday. But when the nurse left briefly to use the restroom a few minutes later, he wriggled free from his arm and leg ties and grabbed a chopstick from a nearby table of grub, the local news site reported.

How do you even kill someone with a chopstick? Hell how do you even use a chopstick in the first place? I have to ask for a fork and knife like a real American. Sorry not sorry I love being American and there is nothing more satisfying than cutting up food then stabbing it with a fork to make sure it is dead. But honestly I am blown away with someone killing someone with a shit piece of wood. How did it not break? He must of created the force with the hips, at least that is what Chubbs Peterson said.

Image result for chubbs peterson it's all in the hips

Honestly there is not other explanation, power comes from the hips.


We can even look at Country Mac and Mac use their Karate skills, its all in the hips.

Image result for Mac Karate GIF

I don’t care what this man has done set him free (unless he wants to come to America then kill the bastard).

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