Geno Auriemma Chokes On Mississippi State’s Dick


First off you are probably asking, ‘How would Geno Auriemma choke on a dick? It is womens basketball, they don’t have dicks, right?’ Wrong. We all know they are they are men in disguise or transitioning into men. The men that can’t drunk in high school go to D1 Womens Basketball. Remember Candace Parker? Her real name is Carl Parker. Brittney Griner’s real name is Brett Goldstein.

Now lesbehonest here if the semi finals of a sport only makes it onto ESPN 2 is it really a sport? Hell I couldn’t even find Womens Basketball on Action Sports to place a bet on the South Carolina v. Stanford game.

Now lets break down why Geno Auriemma choked on a dick. No he did not fall down in Katie Lou Samuelson’s direction.

Image result for Katie Lou Samuelson Connecticut Huskies

UConn was making sick lay ups when they clearly needed 3 pointers. Don’t get me wrong, lay ups really get the crowd going but there are times when you have to sacrifice SportsCenter Top 10 plays for a 3 pointer.

P.S.- Thank God I did not have the sound on, Doris Burke is the worst. But seeing her UConn Huskies lose was beautiful.

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