New DNA Discovery Creates Superbabies

NY PostImagine a world where parents can give birth to superbabies with bones so strong they’re impervious to a surgical drill and a heart less prone to failure. A world where a child has DNA from three parents, not two. A world where it’s possible for a woman to have her favorite movie star’s child simply by collecting a few of his skin cells. Genetic technology is making it all a reality, horrifying some and heartening others.

I typically hate science to the point where I despise of the future but science might have won me over. Think about it my fellow white people we can have fast kids. No doubt I will be taking advantage of this discovery when I have kids. I never ran the 40 when I played football because the coaches already knew I was slow as fuck. Without superbaby DNA I will pass on the gene of cement shoes to my children, I can’t burden another human being with that level of failure. No hate on Africa but now I don’t need to adopt a black kid.

Now I won’t be the next LaVar Ball and expect a billion dollar shoe deal but I would hope my future children will be average at sports and taller than 5’4. Trust me being 5’4 (5’5 on a good day) really limits my choice of broads.

Onto the aspect of taking skin cells and giving it to a women.. no doubt I would give my skin cells to the beautiful broad, Tomi Lahren. Even better if she doesn’t want a beautiful American loving child she can abort it (Tomi is pro-choice).

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