If The Bengals Don’t Sign Burkhead I Will Protest



I am serious Mike Brown you will have one less die hard fan if you don’t get a brain transplant and realize Rex Burkhead is the future of the Bengals organization. I know for a fact you father Paul Brown would have signed Rex by this point. I am already protesting Skyline because of the wrongful change of crackers and I am serious with protesting.

Now when you support a white athlete you tend to get hate.


I don’t think that is Rex’s family, he seems like a respectful guy, doesn’t do meth, and would have a better choice of tattoos than the tub of lard in the front. Now the only similarity I can see is being the star of the high school football team. The problem is tubby wit the tats and the meathead behind him peaked in highschool and now drink beer all day and reminisce about the good ole days on the gridiron. Tubbs has more in common with Uncle Rico than a professional white running back. Cold take by Karina.

Now you see Karina thought I would stop right there. Oh no no that is where I keep going. I am sworn to defend Rex Burkhead. I was calm cool and collected like always with the knockout blow.

The Bengals need grit and speed

P.S. Remember at this time Burkhead is still a free agent so we still have hope.

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