Rex Burkhead Is Visiting The Patriots And I’m Officially Nervous

We all know Belichick and I share a common bond, a love for white receivers and running backs. It is not about the 40 time or the vertical (two things a white athlete or any white man struggles with) it is about the heart, the grit, and the love for the game. I don’t know maybe there is a sense of pride in seeing some struggle with speed and jumping and still succeed in life. I feel like I have a special connection with the white athlete because I am slow for a white man (speed not mentally). I remember when I played high school football with only one black kid on the team (#diversity) I played offensive line. No I didn’t play line because of my brute strength rather because I couldn’t even touch net on a basketball hoop (Still can’t) and I was so slow I didn’t even run the 40. I’m serious my coach told me, “We already know you are slow so you can sit this one out.” That was hard to take, honestly I was in shock, not because I already knew I was slow, but I was born with a natural and unmeasurable ability of grit. I knew the sun would set before I would complete the 40 but the fire inside that could of been confused with heart burn was angry. So at a whooping 5’4 (5’5 on a good day) and a dad bod 160 I was third string  JV guard and back up JV nose tackle. I may have been back up on the scout team but the highlights of Rex Burkhead making special teams tackles and John Kuhn throwing in a lip motivated me to be the water boy the following year. You may be laughing but trust me I am the master of grit. Filling up a rack of perfected Gatorade (60% water/ 40% Gatorade softer on the stomach but packed with electrolytes) and one hand catching water bottles. Yeah I am grit, step aside Brian Leonard.

But with Belichick meeting with my idol Rex Burkhead I am nervous. I feel like I could loose a member of my family. I know the way Lord Hoodie thinks and I know for a fact he will fall in love with Burkhead. I might add Burkhead could be Danny Woodhead Lite. (Hey Miller Lite see what I did there now I need my money.)  Burkhead is the ultimate white athlete. Played for a Big Ten school (Nebraska moved in 2011), loves special teams, every year has found his role in the Bengals organization, total locker room guy (locker room talk and all), 2012 winner of the Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Championship Award, volunteered his time for a kid with cancer, and shows heart in every play. The perfect Belichick player. Guys I don’t know what scared is but I think I might be feeling this emotion. Mike Brown I am talking to you, grow a pair or a brain and sign Burkhead.

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