Feminists Are Taking Today Off Because It Is International Women’s Day

First off I find it mind blowing the Feminists have jobs. Hold on I take that back they are apart of the professional protests. YES ONE DAY WITHOUT LIBERAL YAHOOS PROTESTING!

I have had numerous horrible ideas but taking a day off because it is International Women’s Day is the WORST idea the world has ever known. Thank you feminist for making be feel better.

I’m sorry but taking a day off because ‘you aren’t paid equally’ (which is a joke) is not a smart idea. It shows you have a history of making terrible decisions and toxic in the office. What ever floats your boat, but don’t come crying to me when you get fired.

Now I know you are saying ‘What about taking off the day after the Super Bowl?’

Well people actually care about the Super Bowl. On the flip side feminism is a complete joke. You know how people say God fucked up on some animals and ugly people then said “Fuck it” well you can place feminism in that same category. GOD FUCKED UP BIG TIME. Unless God created feminism so the whole world can come together, solve conflicts, and end wars, grill some steak (to a medium rare) while laughing at feminists. Another argument that shows God might have fucked up on feminists is have you ever seen a good looking feminist? I haven’t. They are tied with Socialists, snowflake liberals, vegans, people that don’t drink, and people that don’t watch sports as the worst people to be around. You have a wave of depression and negativity wash over you when you are around those people. I prefer to be around people that like to have a good time, love America, eats steak (medium rare), capitalists, and could talk sports all day every day.

There is one fraction of the day I will get behind. On twitter I saw #ADayWithoutWomen. A day without women would be amazing except keep around Erin OLash, Charlotte McKinney, or any other smokeshow (for eyecandy purposes). I seriously don’t think feminists know they are unenjoyable to be around. A day without feminists is a perfect slice of heaven.

Please my fellow patriots, picture this with me. You turn sports on one TV and Fox News on the other, only you and your boys sitting there watching sports, drinking beer, watch Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity destroy a liberal, and drink some more beer with some right wing sports loving smokeshows. Now that is heaven.


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