Charl Schwartzel Is ‘Forced’ To Withdraw After Pro-Am Partner Hit Him With Golf Ball

Are you even human if the first thought wasn’t Al Czervik getting hit in the arm?


I will count Judge Smails getting hit in the beans but you are still a failure.


There are two main rules in golf 1) get the ball in the hole with few strokes as possible (my weakness) 2) be aware of your surroundings at all times (Charl Schwartzel’s weakness). Charl Schwartzel is a professional golf that won the Masters in 2011 so you would think he has mastered the game (it is a pun get it). At least Czervik was a fan favorite and made a positive impact in my life. Caddyshack as a whole introduced me into the world of sports gambling.


What positive thing has Charl contributed to my life? Nothing, nothing at all. Honestly I can’t stand the guy. At least I felt bad deep down inside when Al Czervik was taken out. Let’s be serious that was a joke we all knew Czervik was going to blow it, the man fucking sucked, he was a liability, Ty Webb couldn’t care the team on his back, Danny Noonan had to come in and give Ty security. Sidenote: Andrew Luck is the Ty Webb of the Colts. Charl won the Masters with -14 under par while pre fucked up back finish T4 -10 under par. Anyone that beats an American I automatically hate. Charl your pain made my day.


P.S.: What type of name is Charl? Typical foreign fuck. You are in America now, Charles or Charlie, pick one.

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