Legally Blind Tasmanian Furniture Invited To Light Show

When I came across this article I was blown away. Now I know you are thinking my reasoning is because a blind man is going to a light show, that is clearly not the reason. Well it had a minor factor. I am pretty experienced with power tools, yes I am a badass (American badass to be exact). When you are dealing with power tools your life is at hand. Only the most ultimate badass can properly handle a power tool like a red blooded American (Ron Swanson, Ronald Reagan, Dubya, Mike Ditka, Buddy Ryan, Founding Fathers, Abe Lincoln, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, and myself). You know what all of the badasses have in common? We have eyes. Last I checked eyes are pretty damn important. While I was doing research, hours of research for my one reader, this man takes tree stumps and turns them into lamps. FUCKING LAMPS. Sharp tools and electricity that can kill you. If this man can make lamps blind I think a laser light show is the least of his worries.

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