I Have Lost Respect For Marquette King

I use to like Marquette King. I use to respect Marquette King. He is unique because when do you see a black punter that can dance besides in Black College Football: Xperience (Most underrated video game of all time)? When ever you have a white receiver or white running back you root for them unconditionally. It is a rare breed. The same goes for a black punter or kicker, its a rare breed.

Now you know why I love Rex Burkhead and loved Marquette King.

There’s a few ways you can remove yourself from my respected athlete list. The top of the list is kneeling for the anthem and the second is calling a hot dog a sandwich. The Founding Fathers rolled around in their graves when the tweet was sent out. I was woken up from George Washington crying and no one makes the First President cry on my watch. Washington told me I needed to show America that a hot dog is truly not a sandwich. Right after Benny Franklin invented electricity be sat down and wanted something to eat, something American, something on the borderline of a heart attack, hence the creation of the hot dog.


P.S. Marquette is a girls name

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