Colin Kaepernick Will Opt Out Of His Contract Becoming A Free Agent

Thank you Jesus! Nothing I hate more than someone that hates America if you haven’t noticed. Kaepernick has disrespected the flag, the brave men and women that defend our ass to we can live in peace, the amazing sport of football, and is a complete disappointment to sports fans like ourselves. I hope he never gets picked up by another team just so I can see him suffer. Remember Kaepernick karma is a bitch, you involved politics in sports. Whenever you have CNN trying to talk about sports I wish I was deaf. Nothing worse than anyone in the political spectrum even mention sports. For example Ted Cruz, in Indiana of all places, fucks up basketball hoop. Ted who raised you, savages? Its not a basketball ring you fucking dope. When I become president I will sign an executive order stating there is a separation of politics and sports.

Honestly I think Kaepernick is damaged goods. Think about the media attention he will bring to his next team. Think about the weight he will carry in the locker room. I played football for a year in high school I know what a locker room is like. What do you Kaepernick will do when he hears locker room talk? He is already a pussy so is grabbing pussy talk out of the locker room? That is team bonding. There is nothing like grabbing pussy that brings a team closer. Actually I would say the top two power rankings of a tight knit team is:

  1. Standing for the Anthem
  2. Grabbing Pussy

Do we really need a Geno Smith 2.0? Actually I’d be lying if I said no. Colin Kaepernick breaking his jaw is pure content and music to my ears. Think about that for a bit Kaepernick going on CNN trying to talk with Don Lemon but his mouth is wired shut. I pick Richie Incognito to break the jaw under one condition I have to present. I would cry tears of joy and buy Richie a beautiful Jeff Ruby steak.


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