Roger Goodell Pulls Barstool Sports Media Credentials #notmycommissioner

If you don’t remember four members from Barstool Sports Boston chained themselves to the NFL headquarters, showing Roger Goodell what the silent majority truly believes in. Deflated footballs don’t make you beat a team 45-7, pure domination does.

You have to understand Dave Portnoy and what fuels him up everyday. Adderall, Tom Brady, cheese pizza, iced coffee, and insults. Portnoy will take any insult thrown at him take it devote his life to destroying you and your family while at the same time selling merchandise.

Roger you retarded asshole I hope you realize what you have done. Portnoy has already released shirts, for example ‘Goodell Loves ISIS’. The shirt is golden and honestly we have no clue if the statement is false. I’ve never heard Goodell say he hates ISIS. Maybe Goodell is the head of ISIS or maybe he is a sleeper cell. They always say sleeper cells are the people you would never expect.

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