Former Kicker Josh Brown Says NFL Knew Everything

MSN Josh Brown was cut from the Giants this season after the release of journal entries in which he admitted to “physically, verbally and emotionally” abusing his then-wife, Molly.

GMA: How much information did the league know, and when?

Brown: The league knew everything.

Oh Roger Roger Roger when will you stop fucking up? I would understand you slipped up on one domestic dispute case. But you have butchered multiple cases. You realize you are playing with people’s lives, right?

Honestly I have never understood why you claim the league never has the full evidence yet Roger the player, the player’s lawyer, law enforcement, and that weird newscaster from a local news stations always say the league has all of the evidence. So Roger am I going to take four sources that claim you are wrong or am I going to take your advice? This was a close one but I will go with the four sources.

Mr. Goodell I have a label that will fit you just right. Its a label that you should of received a long time ago, FAKE NEWS. Ahhh fits you like a glove. Honestly commissioner how do you sleep at night? Please teach me I would love to learn because I have a problem where I remember these small events from my childhood that keep me up at night. For example, you know commissioner if you are the one reader I have a week (which would be weird because I have written a number of blogs voicing my hate for you) I always remember the time I peed my pants in 1st grade playing kickball before I go to sleep. The act was just but I was embarrassed. The part that keeps me up is the constant battle between right and wrong. I was the next up and I was on a streak my team needed me Mr. Goodell. The bad part was sitting in the pee pants the whole day.

My beloved enemy Roger teach me how you sleep at night because you have screwed players careers and take money from the breast cancer awareness gear. Mr. Goodell all you have to do is meet me with a Priest and say your confessions. Warning the Priest will be wired and I will create so much content out of the tapes.

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