Earl Campbell Compares Current Football To Wrestling

USA Today“And we all know now that we’re grown men that wrestling’s fake.” Campbell told USA Today Sports. “Well, football is not played like it was when I played. It was real football when Jack Tatum (a Hall of Fame Safety from the Oakland Raiders) and I hit each other on the 2 yardline and I backed in the end zone. And after the game I said, “Hey, That’s the best I had,’ and he said ‘That’s the best I had too, Campbell’ I mean, that was real football.” Shaking his head at the excuses contemporary players have today, Campbell said,” I have a hangnail on my toe I can’t play, I didn’t have my pedicure this week I can’t play, I won’t play because my head hurts. That wouldn’t have cut it in my day.”


Earl Campbell was a hard nose north south running back that would run over anything in his path. When you have the mentality that you must hurt everyone in your path I would think you’d be pissed about the NFL players today. I like to think about it as your Grandpa ranting about the young kids today and how everyone is a pussy then proceeds to talk about the cats playing in the house when he clearly has no cats. Earl Campbell was the Grandfather and players like OBJ and Dez Bryant are the pussies. Honestly I completely agree with Campbell because I was a kid that was raised on NFL Films and A Football Life on NFL Network. I saw clips of Ray Nitschke and Deacon Jones borderline murdering people. The videos of the Raiders defense clothesline running backs are burned into my brain. Now that was football. I want to see the next Ronnie Lott ripping off his finger because all I got are stories and highlights from NFL Films. But now we have defenseless receivers, roughing the passer, self centered players, and a linebacker coach running onto the field while a wide receiver is injured (Yes I’m talking about you Joey Porter you are the reason the Bengals lost).


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