Mike Greenberg Eats Sandwiches With A Fork and Knife

Who raised Mike Greenberg? No parent in their right mind should ever let their kid eat a sandwich with a fork and knife. Do you want your kid to be hated by everyone? Do you want your kid to be a pussy? Huh? Well if you said yes to the past two questions teach your kid to eat a sandwich with a fork and knife.

Mike Greenberg may look like a successful guy on the outside. He co-hosts Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, which is arguably the top rated morning drive time radio program. Greenberg has the luxury of talking sports every single day and makes damn good money doing it. I would say Greeny has the life… unless you actually dive deep into the life of Mike Greenberg. First off Greeny has made it onto a segment of the hit podcast Pardon My Take. If you have been hiding under a rock for a year Pardon My Take is a satirical sports podcast by Barstool Sports. When you make it on a reoccurring segment on PMT you clearly have done something stupid. Greeny has a problem where he comes up with a terrible rule to correct a blown call from the night before. So Pardon My Take has a weekly segment where they create a terrible rule to match Greeny’s rule. The second reason I would never want to be Mike Greenberg is the level of nerd he can’t help to bottle up for good. Here is example, while Golic and the guest were talking about sports Greeny is sitting there talking about the advantages of being Robin instead of a main superhero. Does he not realize he is on sports radio?

Now I would rather take the attributes of horrible rule judgement and being a nerd over the WORST attribute of Mike Greenberg, eating sandwiches with a fork and knife. Golic and Ryan Clark were so baffled by Greeny’s take on consuming a sandwich they argued for 20 minutes straight. I was so fired up from the sin Greeny has committed I was screaming at the radio. That is how passionate I am about food and my sandwiches. A sandwich is suppose to be enjoyed with two pieces of bread covering the top and bottom acting as a barrier between meat and man so every single human can enjoy to pleasure of eat food with your hands. Why do you think God gave you hands? For catching and picking things? Silly you its for eating sandwiches that’s it.


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