Can We Talk About How Shitty This Floor Is 

Whoever thought a 3D floor of falling tiles would a great idea for bathroom floors can go fuck themselves. What is wrong with normal tiles? Nothing, nothing at all.

When I walk into a bathroom I expect a nice and clean bathroom with some white or cream tile on the floor, a toilet with the strongest flush in the market, and minimum of two ply toilet paper.

Think about it when you have to walk into a bathroom you already got to go. Add in a floor that looks like it’s falling, that you don’t expect, you will shit yourself on the spot no matter how strong you think your poop muscles are. Hell I haven’t even factored in being drunk yet. I’m shitting on the floor sober.

Now when drunk I am loosing my shit and going primal on your ass. I wrestled for four years in high school so I can and will kill you. You may think being a JV wrestler in my senior year makes me some joke. Oh no no no I just more seasoned I’ve wrestled the best and worst so I know every trick in the book. Not to brag but Dan Gable goes to me for wrestling tips and tricks. So if I am drunk on beautiful American alcohol your family will be dust. I guarantee it.

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