Does This Look Like A Reporter That Would Poop On A Lawn While On The Job?

Huffington Post- Jonathan Lowe’s Monday can only be described as crappy. Lowe, a newsman for NPHO in Phoenix, was arrested on charges of public defecation while on the job. Police arrested Lowe in Goodyear, Arizona after he allegedly pooped on the lawn belonging to a criminal suspect whose story he was covering for the station. “Lowe chose to use the front yard of a residence to relieve himself,” Goodyear Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Kutis told the Phoenix New Times. “An onlooker from across the street called it in to officers. They approached him, he said he’d had to relieve himself, and they arrested him.”

There is no doubt  this man is 100% guilty. Have you seen a news anchor at a crime scene? They pull up in their news van with a huge logo of the news network. If that doesn’t give it away a news anchor also has on a jacket or shirt with the news logo on it. So Johnny Boy you are telling me someone had a matching shirt, same build, same color of skin, AND came out of the same news van? Give me a break. YOU POOPED IN THE YARD.

Think about the location, Arizona. If you poop in a yard in Arizona that will stick out like a sore thumb. People are normal in Arizona so I have the perfect place for my dear friend Jonathan…FLORIDA. The Sunshine State is where people take bath salts and eat a human face or if people want to calm it down, meth is the drug of choice. So I’d say shitting in the yard will not even make the news in Florida at all. Johnny Boy I’ll help you pack your bags.


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