Chinese High School Is In Trouble For Making Students Take Exams In Heavy Smog

Hong Kong (CNN)Open your booklets, pick up your pencils and put on your pollution masks — it’s test time for one smog-covered school in China. The Linqi County No.1 High School in the Chinese province of Henan has been under fire after photographs surfaced online showing students taking exams on a playground in a thick gray haze.

First off this is so China it hurts. There is no doubt the teacher said before the exam,”You be doctor take exam in smog”.

Maybe a little smog is good for you during an exam like chewing gum. It’s something that keeps you occupied.. chew I little to keep the jaw movin.. breath a little smog for adversity to find the strongest test taker in China. Nothing like breathing cancer AND having a shortness of breath.

You know what this is probably normal for China.Blue skies in the best damn country. Smog in the shitty country that makes all of our goods. I will bet you 20 bucks the kids don’t even notice the smog at all. China never change.. well Trump is in office so China will stay 2nd class to America in the next four to eight years.

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