Unpatriotic Vegan Liberal Said Meatless Mondays Will Save The World WHAT A JOKE

As I sit here eating a nice steak I read an article from a unpatriotic vegan liberal saying Meatless Mondays for some comic relief. My beloved Chicago Blackhawks just lost and I needed something funny to read. The world has gotten to the point we blame meat, seriously? Blame the cars, blame the factories, blame the city planners in Flint I don’t care but do not blame meat. Humans have been consuming meat for centuries and somehow it’s the poor cow’s fault? Come on let’s get some common sense. Do you think George Washington said we should go meatless on Monday? No because he was too busy slaying the British and creating this wonderful country. Every Patriot that has walked on this soil from George Washington and John Hancock to Harriet Tubman and Honest Abe Lincoln to Ronald Reagan showing Communism is a lie to General Eisenhower and da coach Mike Ditka. They were/are meat eaters and would never blame the cows. BECAUSE OF THIS I CLAIM MONDAY TO BE THE NATIONAL STEAK DAY OF THE WEEK. Nothing better than starting the week off with a steak.

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