The Reason Bengals Fans Need Vikings and Bengals To Lose Every Game

If you have noticed I blog about the Bears pretty heavily even though I live in Cincinnati. My reason being is the Bears have history of Halas and Ditka, the culture around the team for example  the grit of Bears defenses and running backs, and the Bears are on their way up as a franchise. If the Bears lose I just watch the 30 for 30 on the ’85 Bears to wash out the taste of loss. But if the Bengals loss I am pissed off until I plant a hypothetical then watch my heart get torn out again and again.

As I said the Bears are on their way up. They have the head coach and gm to turn around the team but the Bengals on the other hand have a fucking shitty head coach and Mike Brown is the gm. Anything Mike Brown lays his hands on becomes cancer. If he shook hands with someone automatic cancer.

Throughout the recent history of the Bengals we’ve had times to correct our failures but no Mike Brown holds onto failures like Marvin Lewis. We could of fired Lewis to hire Mike Zimmer or even Hugh Jackson but no Mike Brown is too stupid to realize the success the team could have.

This is my proposed plan to fix the Bengals and make this team into a team that can win a playoff game. The Bengals must lose every single game and the Vikings lose every game as well. Marvin Lewis gets fired and Mike Zimmer gets fired as well. We hire Zim BOOM Super Bowl here we come.

If we hire Zim the Bengals will become a dynasty no doubt. We will be the Yankees with the core four. The core four fucking dominated the MLB just look at the statistics. In addition to winning five World Series championships, the Core Four won seven Al pennants and 11 Al East championships for the Yankees. Furthermore, the four have led the team to 15 postseason appearances in their 16 seasons with the Yankees. The Bengals with Zim would be the Core Four Era on steroids Super Bowl victories 20 years in a row no doubt.


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