The Grittiness of Harbaugh Wearing A Glove At The Cubs Game 

Honestly Harbaugh is my hero he is turning around my beloved Wolverines into national contenders in two years. After Lloyd Carr left Michigan we entered into dark times where Michigan football should never belong. Jim Harbaugh has saved Michigan with grit and returning honor to the University of Michigan.

Game 5 was the last game of the World Series at Wrigley Field and was a must win for the Cubs as are the next two games in Cleveland. The camera cut to Harbaugh and his father at the game. Everyone reacted to Harbaugh wearing a glove at the game. Remember this is a man that loves sports and is always on his toes so if a ball comes in the vicinity of Jim you know he will catch it. I couldn’t believe that people were shocked by him wearing the glove, this is a man that wears cleats to football games and has the intensity to beat any and every football team at any level singlehandedly. When I played football in high school there was one coach that would wear cleats to the games and he had the same energy and had devoted his life to football with the same intensity as Harbaugh. I take that back no one comes close to the intensity as Harbaugh. The only coaches that have come close are George Halas, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Mike Ditka, and Nick Saban.

Harbaugh you magnificent bastard never change.

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