It has been in the news lately that the ratings have been down for the NFL. I have studied this topic because of course I am a football guy. I have found three main causes for the lack of viewers. First the scheduling of primetime games, the next being Roger Goodell, and finally the lack of grit in football.

For my argument of primetime games I will use the Monday Night Football games on the mothership ESPN. Week 1 was Steelers v Washington Redskins and LA Rams v 49ers. I love the Steelers in primetime but no one cares about the Redskins except the liberal media to bring up how racist the word ‘Redskin’ is. Last I checked we killed the Redskins and alcohol is killing the rest of them. No doubt the liberal media is using the Redskins as a decoy for the corruptness of crooked Hillary. Rams v 49ers again no one cares because Chip Kelly is a pathetic NFL coach. The only reason to watch that game is to see to crowd boo Kaepernick and start a USA chant. Oh God I got a patriotic boner. Week 2 was Bears v Eagles and that was painful to watch as a Bears fan. Hey Jay Hurt or Injured? Fucking pussy. Next week was not too bad which was Matty Ice v Drew Brees’s shit stain on his face. No doubt that shit stain has a mind of its own. The week after that was Vikings v. Giants. The only reason I watched that was to see one of the grittiest football coaches of all time MIKE ZIMMER. That brings us to week 5 Bucs v. Panthers yeah I didn’t watch that one at all. Week 6 Cardinals v. Jets The Jets are just a dumpster fire of an organization, exception of Broadway Joe and when my boy Rexy Ryan was fat. The Jets are like the Browns no matter what quarterback you place into that system, expect the Michigan man Tom Brady, they will fail and get injured. The past week was Denver v Houston. Only reason to watch this game was for Brock Osweiler, possibility to most overrated quarterback in the offseason. $72 mil and $37 guaranteed what a joke.  This week will be Vikings v. Chicago Grabowskis. Gritty Coach v. the grittiest franchise of all time. In order to fix the situation look at the NBA or the NHL with their primetime games. You’ll never see the 76ers or Knicks in a primetime game because they are fucking shit. The NHL has Wednesday Night Rivalry for example Blackhawks v Blues or Bruins v Rangers. We want to watch great games which the NFL has failed to do.

Everyone hates Roger Goodell.

Finally my hottest take in this post there is a clear lack of grit in football at every level. The level that is mostly impacted is the NFL. Is a concussion even real? What is CTE really? Those are very important questions and the clear cut answer is No and no one knows. God’s angel in khakis Jim Harbaugh should be a doctor because he gave a clearcut answer to concussions and the brain. “The brain has to reset.” Harbaugh is on my side, Mike Ditka is on my side, Vince Lombardi would be on my side, and George Halas would be on my side. ALL GRITTY HEAD COACHES. Also I was to bring back the old Bears and Steelers defenses where players would go out of their way to murder you. Think about Jack Lambert or DIck Butkus running in your direction FUCKING DEAD MAN. When Vontaze Burfict walked over the Patriots running back and was fined was the perfect example of the lack of grit in the National Football League. You know what that should be okay and I’ll take it a step farther I want to see fights. Maybe use the hockey rule of a 2:00 minute penalty. I’ll guarantee people will watch football then. We need to place a limit on passing the ball. I want the days of Walter Payton or even Jim Brown lets even go back to Bronko Nagurski, watching clips from those games are beautiful. Now if we can’t limit the passing I want every team to have safeties like Ed Reed or Gary Fencik. Big Hits are fucking beautiful. The elimination of the big hits has impacted football in a horrible way. If football keeps developing a liberal and politically correct message, our kids will practically be playing soccer. I’m not raising grass fairies. No no no I’m raising men.

P.S. Roger Goodell I hope you are reading this because you are the cause of the destruction of a beautiful American game.




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